The Popularity Of An Open Romance In The UK

The Popularity Of An Open Romance In The UK
In the days of old, attitudes about sex that were anything more than procreation were considered taboo. If the word "extramarital affair" was mentioned, there was bound to be scandal. These days, times have changed drastically. More and more people are interested in an alternative to the affair.

Called an open marriage, the guilt that normally comes with having to cheat disappears. This article will deal with the popularity of this new phenomenon in the United Kingdom of having casual sex. What makes this such a popular choice now? Well, having sex at will has always been the "in" thing; it just wasn't accepted by society to do it without the benefit of marriage.

Today's attitude about marriage and long-term commitments can be summed up by saying that a lot of people are not interested in being in a fully monogamous relationship anymore. Thus, top online dating sites has become more the thing that couples are trying, both married and unmarried. Those who are married are now considering having an open relationship.

An open relationship grants the parties the freedom to explore with others what they are really feeling without having to compromise their current relationship. Those who are mature enough to participate in an open relationship will not have to worry about their partner cheating on them.

If the parties are going to agree to an open relationship, there are still some ground rules that should be laid out. Safe sex still needs to be practiced. Condoms need to be used to protect against the possibility of STDs and unplanned pregnancies. Keep emotions out of the way when participating in casual sex, otherwise the fun that could be had will be gone. That is easier said than done, however; but it must be done.

Since so many people and couples are participating in casual sex UK, there is no need to worry about being judged by society. The stigma of being treated with contempt is gone. Now when people are practicing casual sex, they are going as far as turning the encounter into a threesome or even more.

Casual sex in an open relationship can be made as exciting as you dare. Just ensure you respect the other party as much as you want to be respected. Just also be certain you don't get your emotions tied into the casual encounter. With that in mind, all that is left to do is relax, go out and have yourself some fun.